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Girl Refused Access To Water Slide Because Of What Was

An Ohio mom said her diabetic daughter was not allowed to ride a water slide at a public water park because she was wearing an insulin pump. Beth McBride said her 12-year-old daughter, Alexis, was told by a lifeguard that she couldn’t ride water slides at a water park with her insulin pump, which she […]


109 People Contract Illness From Papayas Linked To Mexican Farm

Those sickened can experience diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and fever. The illness can be more severe when contracted by young children, older adults and people with weakened immune systems.   U.S. health officials say more people have contracted salmonella by eating papayas from a farm in southern Mexico. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and […]


Man With Hundreds Of Bubble-Like Tumours Taunted By Cruel Strangers

A man covered in hundreds of bubble-like tumors all over his body has been forced to live in a solitary life because people fear he might infect them. Habib Ullah Khan, 56, from Karachi in Pakistan, has had his body ravaged by the small lumps. He suffers from a severe case of neurofibramatosis, an incurable […]


Man Seeks Medial Attention For Strange Bug Bites All Over

A man was bitten by a strange bug and unbelievably left his arm swollen and full of bruises. aking out the trash is something one Chandler, Arizona man does pretty much everyday, except this time it almost cost him his life. Thomas Jay, 41, of Chandler, Arizona said it happened earlier this month when he […]


BBQ Grills Pose Hazard To Your Health

It is summertime everyone’s favorite time for cookouts and family outings. Everywhere, the smell of ribs, steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers cooking on the grill is in the air. But along with that wonderful smell is a lurking danger, and no I don’t mean the Muslim family that moved in next door and is threatening […]


Man Had Toe Amputated After Having Pedicure, Here’s How To

A pedicure is a lovely, relaxing experience—until you lose a toe thanks to infection. It sounds like a fake internet horror story, but it’s actually true and happened to a man in Indiana. But don’t worry. There’s no need to give up your pedicure habit forever. You just need to know how to stay safe […]


Man Felt Something Inside His Nose — But What Doctors

Little kids love gross things. My three-year-old son is already into bugs and dirt and even boogers (where do they learn these things?)! Most little children enjoy putting their fingers in their noses and pulling out boogers – then they can either gross each other out with it or make their parents cringe! Image Credit: […]


W.H.O Has Serious Warning For People Engaging In Oral Sex

Nevertheless, WHO stated that making new antibiotics is “not very attractive for commercial pharmaceutical companies.” Oral sex is producing dangerous gonorrhoea and a decline in condom use is helping it to spread, the World Health Organization has said. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that a dangerous strain of gonorrhea is being spread by […]


McDonald’s Worker Exposes ‘What Comes Out Of McFlurry Machine’

A McDonald’s employee in Louisiana claims he was fired last week after sharing photos on Twitter showing what appears to be mold in trays from a McDonald’s ice cream machine, according to Buzzfeed News. Nick, 18-year-old McDonald’s employee declined to provide his last name, said he was refilling the machine when he decided to clean part of […]


Porn Star Sought Medical Attention For Her ‘Dangerous’ O-Cup Breasts

A porn star has appeared on reality TV in a desperate bid for help after her O-cup breasts gave her an infection. Elizabeth Starr, 43, underwent a controversial surgery to get dramatically enlarged boobs, hoping they’d help her career. Now, she says, she’s paying the price. Doctors have told Starr that unless she undergoes a […]


Large Unnerving Black Cyst Removed From Back [VIDEO]

Dr Sandra Lee, aka DR Pimple Popper removes a really gross black cyst from a man’s back.  Even the pus is dark black as opposed to the normal white or yellowish ones you are used to seeing.  This sweet gentleman accompanied by his wife and sister in law is visiting family in California for the […]


Her Son Awakens To ‘Bullseyes’ Covering His Body, Mother Stunned

A mother wants to raise parents’ awareness of the symptoms of Lyme disease, after she found “bullseye” spots on her one-year-old’s temples, legs and arms. Karen McGregor explained that the rash appeared on her 1-year-old son’s temples, legs, and arms, with red spots that resembled a bullseye. She had never seen it before, and he is an […]


Mom Discovers Daughter In Horrible Shape, Then Learns What Happened

A Canadian woman has warned other mums of the dangers of heatstroke after she had to call an ambulance to wake her three-year-old. Jessica Abma, from the US, explained her daughter suffered severe heatstroke, despite not even being out in the sun, because her room was so hot. The mother’s warning has been shared by […]


Officials Release Details Why 22 New Yorkers Suddenly Collapsed, Began

It was just like in a zombie movie. Random people in New York streets started falling, vomiting, urinating and/or twitching in pain. Well it was one such case in New York after twenty two people collapsed on the street one fine morning because of taking a bad batch of K2 – synthetic marijuana. According to […]


The Mount St Helens of Arm Cysts: I May Not

A man had a huge cyst on his upper arm that he decided to pop himself.  The amount of pus that actually shoots out of his arm onto the ground is as incredible as it is gross.  As the man squeezes his upper arm, white pus is seen flying through the air onto the ground. […]


No-One Can Believe How Old This Stunning Model Is! [VIDEO]

Age is just a number. Time waits for no man but one Asian model-turned-photographer seems to have found a way to halt the clock. I used to think this was something we told ourselves so we didn’t feel so bad about getting old and crusty; then I heard about ChuanDo Tan, who I’m pretty sure […]


Her Son Screams In Pain At The Pool, Then Mom

A mother has spoken out to warn parents about netting in swimming shorts after her son’s genitals was ‘strangled’ by a pair on holiday. It started as a normal day at the hotel pool. Both mom and son, Jack Collins were just trying to cool down in the hot weather when out of nowhere, he started screaming! […]


Bush’s Baked Beans Issues Recall For 3 Baked Bean Products

Bush Brothers & Co. announced Saturday that the company has issued a voluntary recall of certain 28-ounce cans of Bush’s Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans, Country Style Baked Beans and Original Baked Beans because of “potentially defective side seams on the cans.” The recall was initiated after the company’s internal quality assurance checks identified the […]


Senators Refuse To Honor Promise To American People

In the latest example of failure of the United States Senate to do their part in actually governing the country, obstructionist Democrats were joined by seven turncoat Republicans to stop the latest attempt by the body to repeal the ACA, better known as Obamacare. The conservative-backed would have repealed most of ObamaCare and given lawmakers […]


Man Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria Now Warns Parents About Waterparks

Jonathan Daggett, 29, of Glendale, Arizona, checked into the hospital after getting flesh-eating bacteria. ABC15 reports that it almost shut his kidneys down before he went to the hospital. “When I got here, I was pretty much deaf,” says Daggett in an interview with ABC15. Earlier in the week, he thought he just had a […]


DISGUSTING: Is Your Olive Oil Fake? Stop Buying The Brands

Some of these are just gross and horrible for your family’s health Olive oil has been “all the health rage” for the last several years and for good reason. Healthy fats keep the brain and body running the way they were designed to run. Remember the low-fat craze of the 1980’s? Those days are over. […]

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