Officials Release Details Why 22 New Yorkers Suddenly Collapsed, Began Vomiting, Urinating, And Twitching [VIDEO]

It was just like in a zombie movie. Random people in New York streets started falling, vomiting, urinating and/or twitching in pain.

Well it was one such case in New York after twenty two people collapsed on the street one fine morning because of taking a bad batch of K2 – synthetic marijuana.

According to people who noticed this scene it looked like it came straight from ‘The Walking Dead’ or some other kind of zombie movie.

Well authorities were immediately called at around 9:40 a.m. and paramedics rushed to the scene to help these people with ‘altered mental status’.

What’s worse is that paramedics found 22 ‘knocked up’ people lying everywhere between Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Paramedics recall that while some of the twenty two people were twitching others were completely motionless.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s executive director, Chris Yadron, blamed synthetic marijuana for what happened and even went on to mention that K2, which is often labelled ‘White Tiger’ and ‘Dank’ are often found throughout the area. Chances are whatever these twenty two people consumed was toxic to have caused such a reaction.

Paramedics recall one woman with her eyes rolled back in her head, a man with his pants down puking on the sidewalk and another pretending to sleepwalk as cops helped him into an ambulance.

All of them were taken to Woodhull Hospital and Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, but this isn’t the only problem people in that area suffer.

Despite knowing the adverse effects of synthetic marijuana, people still go ahead and take it and if that’s not worse enough, they start doing things kids shouldn’t see, reports Jimmy Bravo, a clerk at a local bodega. Bravo went on to mention that people who take K2 simply don’t care while other residents blame local rehab centers for these problems.

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