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Father Looks Inside Son’s Diaper After He Won’t Stop Crying,

Couples were shocked and horrified after discovering slivers of razor sharp metal inside their baby’s diaper. Michelle Yates, 29, of Liverpool, England became concerned when 5-month-old Gabriella was crying constantly and then realized the reason why. According to the Daily Mirror, Yates found cuts on the tot’s bum and says she was “shocked, appalled and […]


31 Healthiest Foods For Your Dog (And 13 You Need

Dogs are pretty incredible creatures. They are always there for us in our time of need so it’s only natural that we are there for them. If you own a dog you need to pay attention to this list, it could mean a longer life for your furry little friend. We offer you a guide […]

HealthIn The News

Photos Capture Gut-Wrenching And Beautiful Story Of A Mom’s Love

Derek Madsen from Sacramento, California was 10-year-old when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that mostly affects children. It was in summer 2005, when while rest of the children his age were preparing for summer camp, Derek and his mom, Cindy French were preparing to battle the deadly disease. The treatment […]


Officer Takes One Bite Of Quesadilla, Realizes What They Laced

A police officer filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell for allegedly sabotaging his food which put him in a near life and death situation. An Oklahoma City police officer Shawn Byrne and wife Amanda Byrne have filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell. They claim that employees at local Taco Bell restaurant put cologne and spicy […]


Family Notices Something ‘Off’ With Their Prescription, Makes Alarming Discovery

Large pharmacies like CVS fill billions of prescriptions every year. Medication errors can have tragic consequences for patients, including overdose, toxicity, poisoning, or death. Vanessa Gilbertson said the same CVS pharmacy in Minnesota gave two of her young daughters wrongly labeled or expired prescriptions, KMSP-TV reported. The pharmacy then issued an apology after the incident. […]


Mothers Undying Love For Her Terminal Child Captured Heartwarming Moments

Here is a heartwarming story. Derek Madsen, a 10 year-old boy in California experienced a sudden change in his life during the summer of 2005. He had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which was a rare form of cancer commonly found in young children. Cindy French, his mother, made a lot of sacrifices to support her son throughout his treatment. […]


Socialized Medicine Has Sentenced A Baby To Death. Now, President

In the middle of the controversy against Donald Trump use of social media comes a very powerful story after he tweeted support to little Charlie Gard of UK. As IJR previously reported, Charlie was born with a rare genetic disorder called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. The condition leads to organ malfunction and brain damage. After […]


Attention: Man Has Warning For Those Who Still Use A

If you clean your grill with a wire brush, after reading this you might be changing your mind. According to Country Living: “On Sunday evening upon eating a hamburger from our grill, I felt something abnormal in my burger,” Chester Poole, 63, of Nova Scotia captioned a rather unappetizing close-up of his throat. “I tried to spit it […]


Official List Of Bottled Water Brands To Avoid Due To

People have been warning of the dangers of fluoride in our water supply for years now. They claim it is responsible for a range of issues including cancer to dental issues and other health hazards as well. Well, after all this time they may actually be right. As it turns out fluoride does have a negative […]


Twenty Embarrassing Questions About Sex Answered For You [PHOTOS]

The one thing that men and women know the most and least about is sex.  Women have known for centuries that the only thing men were good for, they weren’t good at.  But women have a huge advantage over men.  No matter how bad they are at sex, there will always be men willing to […]


Doing The Dirty At Least 21 Times A Month Drastically

Researchers say frequent ejaculation is good for the health and could save mens’ lives. According to the studies, new research reveals, ejaculating at least 21 times a month significantly reduces the risk of prostate cancer for men. In fact, in a study from Harvard University of almost 32,000 men conducted in 1992, researchers discovered that […]


The Worlds Longest Ingrown Hair Removal [WATCH]

When an ingrown hair develops, you may notice small, round bumps called papules, or small, pus-filled bumps called pustules. In some cases, the skin around the ingrown hair may become darker. This is known as hyperpigmentation. You may also experience pain or itching around the area of the ingrown hair.   Certain people may be […]

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Health Officials Relay Dire Warning About Flesh Eating Bacteria In

Alabama issued a dire warning to residents of the state that potentially all water sources in the state could be contaminated with a dangerous flesh eating bacteria. According to Fox Carolina:  ADPH had already warned of Vibrio Vulnificus, also commonly referred to as a flesh-eating bacteria, which has been reported in the Gulf Coast along Alabama’s beaches. Vibrio […]


Drug Maker Buckles To FDA, Pulls Extremely Popular Painkiller Off

A pharmaceutical company behind a popular painkiller brand linked to rising rates of abuse agreed to a request from the Food and Drug Administration to pull the pill off the market. Endo Pharmaceuticals announced the decision Thursday following an internal review of the drug sparked by the FDA order. Officials from the FDA told the […]


‘Snortable’ Chocolate Is The New Craze, But Why?

Chocolate is great in many forms, but snorting it up your nose is not one of those. Chocolate sniffing is apparently a big deal in Europe right now with clubgoers foregoing traditional party drugs like cocaine and ecstasy and indulging in chocolate powder for a quick uppity high. Crazy right? Well apparently, the craze is making […]


Watch Disgusting Drainage of 50 Year Old Cyst [VIDEO]

Dr Sandra Lee, better known as Dr Pimple Popper has released a new video of herself draining a 50 year old cyst and is it ever disgusting as tons of solid grey pus comes out of it.  Why in the world anyone would allow a cyst to grow for that long is beyond me.  Dr […]


Woman Goes Under For Boob Job, Wakes Up In Horror

A young woman claims she has been left scarred for life, after a now-banned surgeon performed a botched breast augmentation which made her nipples ‘rot away’. Kirsty Adam a 24-year old from Glasgow paid £6000 to UK company Transform Medical Group to undergo mastopexy also known as breast enhancement from a 36D to a DD […]

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Health Blogger Poisons Herself During A Live Video Feed [VIDEO]

A video blogger was allegedly rushed to hospital after eating a poisonous plant while she was doing a live feed for viewers. The 26-year-old, who goes by her surname Zhang, was reportedly doing live stream video of herself biting into the plant to promote the benefits of Aloe Vera. Unfortunately, the Chinese media star was […]


Woman Dismisses Doctor’s Orders In Attempt To Have World’s Biggest

A woman wants to have the world’s biggest hips even if it kills her. A morbidly obese woman who weighs 542lbs (38.7 stone) has said she’s ignoring warnings by doctors over her size in a bid to lay claim to having the world’s biggest hips. Bobbi-Jo Westley, from York, Pennsylvania, currently measures at 95 inches […]


Woman Shares Dire Warning To All Women After Her Face

An inspirational skin cancer victim has shared a shocking picture of her treatment in a stark warning to sunbed users. She share the photo, and explained the circumstances that led to her diagnosis. Tawny Willoughby was diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of just 21 after using sunbeds four or five times a week […]


Whole Foods Issues Massive Recall On Popular Item, But It’s

Whole Foods is back in the news after a major recall has been issued for a very unlikely reason. According to Mashable: The grocery giant sent shoppers a recall alert for approximately 404 pounds of “buffalo style chicken salad” for actually being … tuna salad. The salad, distributed by Willow Tree Poultry Farm in Attleboro, […]

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