Porn Star Sought Medical Attention For Her ‘Dangerous’ O-Cup Breasts [WATCH]

 Porn Star Sought Medical Attention For Her ‘Dangerous’ O-Cup Breasts [WATCH]

A porn star has appeared on reality TV in a desperate bid for help after her O-cup breasts gave her an infection.

Elizabeth Starr, 43, underwent a controversial surgery to get dramatically enlarged boobs, hoping they’d help her career. Now, she says, she’s paying the price.

Doctors have told Starr that unless she undergoes a double mastectomy, she runs the risk of blood clots and infections.

“There is so much scar tissue in my breasts it’s affecting the blood flow to the body and could cause a fatal blood clot,” Starr told U.K. newspaper The Sun.

“I’m a ticking time bomb because anything could happen to me – I’m so scared.”

In 1999, Starr paid 3,000 pounds (nearly $5,000 USD today) for polypropylene breast implants, also known as string implants. The procedure involves putting synthetic polypropylene “strings” into the breasts. The strings generate fluid production and then absorb the fluid, causing the breasts to continuously expand over time. The implants were banned in the United States and Europe a few years after Starr’s operation.

Starr, who lives in Los Angeles, told The Sun that she began suffering complications “within days” of the operation.

She had the strings removed from her right breast after a painful infection, then had a saline implant put in to even out her chest. It requires a staggering 4 liters of fluid to measure up.

The mom of two, who has spent hundreds of thousands on reconstructive operations to fix complications, said she is in “constant pain” and finds it difficult to perform simple tasks like getting dressed.

Her reconstructive surgeon for the past 8 years told The Sun that Starr’s future “is uncertain.”

“Over the years I’ve seen cases of polypropylene string implants but I’ve never seen a case quite like Elizabeth’s,” said Dr. Alexander Sinclair.

“I presented her case at the local medical society and the sentiment was she needed a double mastectomy.”

But Starr says getting a mastectomy isn’t an option.

“After 63 procedures on my right breast and fighting to keep my career and my breast, I honestly don’t think that I could,” Starr told The Sun. “A mastectomy would take away my livelihood and I don’t know what else I would do.

“It’s hard when you have been a victim of something and it’s even harder when you choose a path in life where people might look down on you and think, ‘She deserved it.’ But I wouldn’t wish this on anyone and I hope my story will act as a warning.”

Article Sources: Daily Mail

Video Credit: YouTube/E! Entertainment


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