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Category : Health


Bride Walked Down Aisle By The Man Who Received Her

Jeni Stepien lost her dad 10 years ago. But Michael Stepien was present on his daughter’s wedding day in a really special way – because the man who received his heart walked her down the aisle. For a decade, Jeni had been in contact with Arthur Thomas, who was given the lifesaving transplant after Michael […]

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[PHOTOS] Horribly Disfigured Man Has Life-Changing Face-Transplant

Surgeons in France have carried out the world’s first face transplant on a tumour sufferer. These pictures reveal the amazing transformation of Pascal Coler – a modern-day Elephant Man. Mr Coler’s face had been horribly disfigured by Von Recklinghausen’s disease, a rare genetic disorder. But a team of French surgeons, headed by Professor Laurent Lantieri, […]


He Hears His Sister Screaming From The Bathroom He Runs

This is definitely one story that’ll leave you scratching your head in confusion… but yep, it’s 100 percent true. A young woman named Nicole was experiencing sudden pain in her abdomen, so she decided to take a hot bath to relieve the discomfort. She assumed it was menstrual cramps, and warm baths can be very […]


[VIDEO] Walmart Accused Of Negligence in Parking Lot Overdose Death

“I find it really crazy,” shopper Perla Prieto said. “I don’t know how no one could notice her.”  BAYTOWN, Texas – A woman found dead Wednesday inside a pickup truck in a Walmart parking lot was not a victim of homicide, investigators said. After performing an autopsy, the medical examiner said Kara Lee Williams, 24, died […]


Officials Suggest Patients Of Tennessee Dental Clinic Get Tested For

“The conditions found there were less-than-optimally hygienic, and strongly suggested there could be transmission of blood-borne diseases,” MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Patients treated at a Tennessee dental clinic should get tested for hepatitis B and C, and HIV after problems with infection control could have put thousands of people at risk for the diseases, health officials said […]

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