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[PHOTOS] Woman Kicked From Six Flags For Shirt, Trades Shirts

Meet Bina Ramesh and her male friend who were all set for a day at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J. until she was stopped by a male security guard because of her “inappropriate” shirt… Yes, as in the gray V-neck shirt that she’s wearing above. Just to prove that there was nothing innately […]

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Here Is The [VIDEO] Of RIO That RIO Won’t Show

The Rio you won’t see at the Olympics         Watch part 1, “2016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t want the world to see”… Correction: The map at 1:23 had previously and incorrectly indicated Rio de Janeiro’s location near the Río de la Plata Basin. We have fixed this and apologize for the error. Subscribe […]

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Two Large Construction Companies Ordered to Pay $2 MILLION In

BOSTON —Two Massachusetts construction companies accused of working together to avoid paying overtime wages to most of their employees have been ordered to pay a total of nearly $2.4 million in back wages and damages.   The U.S. Department of Labor announced Tuesday that the judgment orders Lunenberg-based Force Corp. and Framingham-based AB Construction Group […]

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[PHOTOS] Horribly Disfigured Man Has Life-Changing Face-Transplant

Surgeons in France have carried out the world’s first face transplant on a tumour sufferer. These pictures reveal the amazing transformation of Pascal Coler – a modern-day Elephant Man. Mr Coler’s face had been horribly disfigured by Von Recklinghausen’s disease, a rare genetic disorder. But a team of French surgeons, headed by Professor Laurent Lantieri, […]

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Refugee Exposes Himself to Young Girl – KARMA Pays Him

Europe had no idea what they were in for when they made the unbelievably foolish decision to allow thousands of Muslim refugees to invade their continent. One of those refugees just did a horrible thing to a little girl, and thanks to the quick actions of a few men, won’t be able to get away […]

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[VIDEO] Terrifying Moment A Man Swimming Was Sucked Into A

Swimming in a reservoir in inland China seems pretty safe. There’s no sharks and probably few alligators as well. But one unlucky swimmer recently learned that there are still dangers that lurk beneath the water’s surface. Mr. Cheng works as a salesman in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province, and has been swimming since he was a kid. […]

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