Liberal Journalist Nesrine Malik Won’t Condemn Violence Against “RACISTS”

A YouTube video from the Guardian uploaded Wednesday features journalist Nesrine Malik saying she won’t condemn violence against “racists” and that “some positions simply cannot be entertained, let alone argued against.”

Malik also says that alt-right leader Richard Spencer getting sucker punched was a “cathartic moment” for many people.

Violence, and the normalization of it, seems to be spreading across some parts of the American left. The incident she referred to — where Richard Spencer was assaulted on live TV — is hardly the only incident of violence from leftists.

When a man in a Trump hat tried putting out a street fire on Inauguration Day, he was punched in the back of the head and had his hat stolen. A number of attacks against Trump supporters, or anyone perceived to be one, have occurred since Election Day.

In Portland on Sunday night, a Trump supporter was knocked out and called a “Nazi.” On the same night, Hollywood cheered a fellow actor encouraging violence against political opponents at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Activists seem to be picking up on this appetite for violence, with a recent video clip showing a Black Lives Matter activist saying “we need to start killing people” at a protest.



E. Goldstein

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