Trump Supporter Knocked Out, Called “Nazi” By Liberal Anti-Trump Protesters [VIDEO]

 Trump Supporter Knocked Out, Called “Nazi” By Liberal Anti-Trump Protesters [VIDEO]

Viral footage shows a Trump supporter being violently assaulted and knocked out by anti-Trump protesters at a Portland airport Sunday night.

After he was knocked to the ground, some protesters tried to intervene and shouted “Peace!” while others said, “That’s how you talk to a Nazi!” and “Fuck you Nazi.” From the clip, there is no evidence that the man is actually a “Nazi,” as the rioters accuse him of being.

The clip seems to evoke the recent attack against alt-right leader Richard Spencer, who was sucker punched by a masked man in Washington, D.C. on the same day as Donald Trump’s inauguration. Many pundits cheered on the violent attack, such as The Nation, Newsweek, Observer, and several others on Twitter, including former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau.

Violence against Trump supporters has followed many leftist gatherings over the past year. Several protests outside Trump rallies during the campaign led to violence against his supporters. After the election, there was a wave of anti-Trump crimes, largely ignored by the media. And on election day, a Trump supporter who put out a fire started by leftists and called for peace was rewarded with a punch in the back of the head.

Some on the left have largely encouraged this violence, and just last night, a room full of celebrities cheered for punching their political foes in the face.



E. Goldstein

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