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Folks, if I can have your attention for a moment, I have a serious question to ask if you and I want you to be straight up.

What kind of information and content would you like to see us post?

I’m asking this because we are flying blind. The moment it seems like we have it figured out as to what you all want to see, then hardly anyone responds to the next 10 articles we post whether it has to do with current events, politics, crime or an uplifting story.

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If we had a clear direction as to what you all would read, respond to and share, that is what we would post 24/7. The last thing we ever want to do is fill your newsfeed with fluff i.e. content that you couldn’t care less about seeing.

Yes, I realize this may be opening a can of worms but seriously, what appeals to you? What in particular do you want to read and share?

Thank you for reading, for the feedback, and for being a follower.

Matt Duncan and Staff

E. Goldstein

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