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Adult Club Beside Christian School Busted After Posing As A

Metro Nashville codes inspectors have filed a complaint seeking to shut down The Social Club, a sex club that incorporated as a church in 2015 to thwart zoning laws. While sex clubs are legal in Davidson County, Metro’s zoning ordinance only permits them in areas zoned industrial — with some restrictions, such as being more […]


When The Teacher Saw The Notes On This Child’s Lunch

A 7-year-old boy who was preaching about Jesus in their school had violated his First Amendment rights. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition […]


Teen Died For 20 Minutes Before Coming Back, People Are

A Texas teenager collapsed on the school track during PE class and suffered cardiac arrest. After 20 minutes without a heartbeat, he was revived. When he woke up he claimed he had just spoken to Jesus Christ. Now, people are listening to sixteen-year-old Zach Clements as he shares his fantastic story of dying and meeting Jesus […]


This Picture Is Going Viral For Something That’s Going To

A photo of a Hasidic couple sitting next to a Muslim woman on a New York City subway has gone viral. The photo was taken by Jackie Summers, who is a devotee of the Taoist religion, reports the Daily Mail. Taoism has 20 million adherents, according to the website Religious Facts, which explains that the religion […]


Muslim Family Beats Deaf Girl For Converting To Christianity, Police

A deaf girl was reportedly beaten by her Muslim family after telling them that she embraced Christianity. The girl, named Saida, was hospitalized after her Muslim family members beat her when she told them that she believed in Jesus. They even threatened to kill her if she didn’t renounce her Christian beliefs and return to […]


Muslim Woman Totally Flips Out, Verbally Attacks Man For Shirt

A Muslim woman was caught on camera screaming at a man because the shirt he was wearing “demonized Muslims”. In the clip, the hijab-wearing woman can be seen yelling at the man for wearing a Pauline Hanson shirt on the campus of a university. Hanson is a controversial Australian right-wing leader who has called for […]


Pope Francis Makes Very UNEXPECTED Announcement About Priests That Is

  Pope Francis said in an interview that he is open to married men becoming Catholic priests. In the interview, conducted by German newspaper Die Zeit, Francis said that the lack of Catholic priests worldwide was an “enormous problem” for the church and that he was open to the rules of eligibility changing to allow […]

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