Muslim Claims Gun Range Hurt His Feelings… Gun Range Fires Back With EPIC Reply

 Muslim Claims Gun Range Hurt His Feelings… Gun Range Fires Back With EPIC Reply

With the number of terror attacks around the world on the rise, Americans are increasingly becoming suspicious of those around them, fearing that any day radical Muslim terrorists could strike like they did in San Bernardino.

Fox News reported in February of 2016 that a Muslim man has sued an Oklahoma gun range because they allegedly told him to leave after he identified himself as a Muslim.

The store had a sign out front declaring it a “Muslim-Free” zone, but Raja’ee Fatiha decided to go inside anyway. Fatiha, who is also a U.S. Army reservist, claims that the store owners were courteous and kind to him until he identified himself as a Muslim.

“At that point, they started treating me with suspicion,” he stated.

Robert Muise, a lawyer with the American Freedom Law Center, is representing the owners of the gun range, Chad and Nicole Neal, and said that Fatiha has no case because the store owners threw him out for acting “belligerently,” not because he was a Muslim.

“The only thing the law prohibits is if somebody denies services strictly on the basis of religion, and that didn’t happen here,” Muise said.

Muslim-free gun shop

Muise also stated that having the “Muslim-Free” zone sign outside the store is protected under the First Amendment, regardless of whether or not it hurts someone’s feelings.

Others disagree, stating that having the sign is a clear example of an “anti-Muslim bias” rising in America.

“Whether the sign in question says ‘no Muslims’ or whether it says ‘no coloreds’ or whether it says ‘no women’ or ‘no Christians’ or ‘no Buddhists’ … it is just as un-American and fundamentally it is just as wrong,” said the legal director for the Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, Brady Henderson.

What’s actually un-American is having a president who is more worried about treating terrorists with respect than keeping Americans safe. If we had a government that actually protected us from radical Islam, we wouldn’t have to worry about “Muslim-Free” zones in the first place.

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