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A Rare Artifact Discovered By Archaeologists Will Leave Atheists Feeling

Skeptics have often pointed out that no archaeological evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ has been discovered. And they are correct, at least perhaps up until the present. A recent incredible discovery may put to rest that criticism. But recently, A group of scientists have stumbled upon a piece of scientific evidence that undeniably […]


No Prayer For Christian Students Before Eating

It is now official, students at a Christian School, have been banned by town officials following a visit from saying grace at mealtimes, talking about the Bible, or even saying “Amen”. The town’s supervisors in charge of education noted that the Christian activities violate the countries educational policies, according to a report on Swedish National […]


Muslims Demand Christians Remove ‘Racist’ Billboard – Infidel Pastor Has

Some residents believe that a controversial billboard on Interstate 40 in North Carolina by a religious group in support of President Donald Trump’s immigration and travel ban on Muslim-majority countries has gone too far. The sign in Catawba County refers to the 9/11 attack and those behind it. Residents of nearby Claremont and Catawba are […]


Entitled Muslims Build Tacky Mosque Without Permit, Wake To Nasty

A group of Muslims who built a two-story mosque with no permit for about 3 years were surprised to see what it has become after authorities took action. When a group of Muslims decided to build a two-story mosque, they refused to submit to authorities by completing the required application for a permit. However, after […]


St. Louis Cardinals Take Massive Stand For Christianity… Tick Off

Each year, Christian Day at Busch Stadium is one of several community theme nights hosted by the Cardinals. Most years feature a keynote speaker who speaks about how Christianity has impacted their life in sports. Gay activists are upset that the Cardinals have allowed Berkman to be the spokesman of “Christian Day” because he recently […]


Muslim Woman Goes off on Cameraman… 2 Hours Later the

A Muslim woman was caught on camera at Los Angeles International Airport threatening to bomb America and making derogatory comments about LGBT people, according to citizen journalist and cameraman Tony Vera. Tony Vera was at Los Angeles International Airport when he noticed a Muslim woman being detained in handcuffs by police and having her bags […]


Muslim Family Kicked Out Of Petting Zoo After Owner Spots

A Muslim family was kicked out of petting zoo after customers began to feel uncomfortable of what they were doing. A Muslim family decided to go to a petting zoo which is generally a child oriented place aimed at fun for the entire family. The fun ended when the Muslims decided they needed to pray […]


Church Admits ‘Inexcusable’ Coverup of Bishop’s Disgusting Abuse

The Church of England “colluded” with and helped to hide the long-term sexual abuse of young men by one of its former bishops, the head of the church said Thursday, per the Archbishop of Canterbury. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby apologized to the victims of ex-bishop Peter Ball as his church published a damning report […]


TODD STARNES: Atheists Demand Town Remove Church Welcome Signs

A group of perpetually-offended atheists, agnostics and freethinkers are threatening to sue a small Wisconsin town because of two welcome signs. The signs, which were posted some 50 years ago, read, “The Churches of Oconomowoc Welcome You.” The Freedom From Religion Foundation said the welcome signs are unconstitutional because they are not neutral toward all […]


TODD STARNES: Federal Judge Rules Cross Violates Law and Must

Atheists across the fruited plain are rejoicing after a federal judge declared that a cross erected in a Florida park violated the law and must come down. “I am aware that there is a lot of support in Pensacola to keep the cross as is, and I understand and I understand and respect that point […]


Jihad in Michigan Officer Stabbed In Airport Attack

The FBI has taken over the investigation of the stabbing of a Flint Michigan police officer at the city’s Bishop Airport. The attack has been labeled as a ‘probable act of terror,’ according to reports in local media. Witnesses say that a man, later identified as a Canadian, repeatedly stabbed the officer while shouting “Allahu Akbar” […]


Muslim Students Demand School Move Prom For Ramadan, Principal Has

A group of high school Muslim students signed petition requesting to move the prom date as it will fall during the Ramadan. The principal has a perfect response to it. When Brooklyn Technical High School’s Muslim students, who are a minority, found out that prom would be held on June 3 this year, they were […]


Syrian Muslim Refugee Beat Wife With Hockey Stick, Smiles In

A Muslim refugee beaten his wife and his reason for doing so will make you really furious. When a severely battered woman escaped to a hospital with horrific injuries, the police quickly arrested her refugee husband. However, as soon as he appeared before the judge, he was captured smiling sadistically before shamelessly uttering 6 appalling […]


Welcome To America’s Future…

This week, following a string of thefts, threats and assaults, Postal Officials announced that they would no longer send their employees into a heavily Refugee populated neighborhood. Conditions in some areas of Denmark have continually worsened over the last couple of years as the country has been flooded with Syrian and North African Muslim refugees, […]


10 Examples Of Western Products Censored By Islamic Law [PHOTOS]

  Bikinis and mini-skirts may be commonplace in the Western world, but the Middle-East is a slightly different story. Countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran enforce strict modesty laws on women in keeping with Islamic tradition and prohibit any skin other than the face and hands from showing. These restrictions even apply to Britney and […]


Muslims Demand Apology From TX Sheriff For Blaming Terror On

A Texas sheriff sparked controversy for harshly condemning the Manchester bombing, and didn’t shy away from decrying Islamic terrorism and his thoughts that it was the root of the Manchester Arena massacre. Texas Sheriff Tracy Murphree of Denton County, vented his frustrations on Facebook Monday night where he warned America not to make mistakes that […]


Little Caesars Has Brutal Reply After Muslim Man Issues $100

A Muslim man is suing a popular pizza restaurant in US after it served him pork pepperoni rather than halal pepperoni. Mohamad Bazzi filed a $100 million lawsuit against a Little Caesar’s pizza after allegedly serving him a pork pepperoni rather than halal pepperoni. He ordered two halal pizzas twice from Little Caesars branch in […]

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