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School System Bans “Racially Intimidating” Clothing After Confederate Flag Debate

A school system banned “racially intimidating” clothing, accessories and other symbols Monday night after complaints that students wore Confederate symbols to threaten others. Orange County Schools in North Carolina banned such items against the advice of their attorney, following seven months of complaints regarding Confederate adornments, according to WTVD-TV. “Students are not to wear clothing, buttons, […]


Man Nearly Makes Fatal Mistake Shooting A Refrigerator Packed Full

Kids, promise your mother and me you won’t do this kind of thing. We won’t necessarily believe you. We’d just like to be able to sleep at night. The old refrigerator, packed with 3 pounds of Tannerite, sits maybe 50 yards away in a well-manicured landscape. Three men and a woman are going to shoot […]


After The Condition Bullies Left His Daughter, He Took Matters

  A father of a daughter who was bullied at school takes the matter into his own hands. Markus Hines says his daughter, a freshman at Betty Fairfax High School, was cyber-bullied with memes all through the beginning of the school year. She attempted to confront the bullies at school, which led to a fight […]


Married Teacher Traumatized At Least Two Male Students With Gobs

This week’s married fourth-grade teacher busted for allegedly traumatizing two male high school students for about two years with a bunch of sex is Tennille Whitaker. Whitaker, 40, taught — until just recently — at Wells Combined School in Wells, Nevada, a tiny speck of a town in the northeast corner of the state. Elko […]


Police Arrest Alleged Rapist After 2 Year Spree

Police in San Antonio, Texas announced today that they have arrested a suspect in a string of sexual assaults going back to June of 2015. The attacker was known to police as the Medical Center  Rapist since his victims were all in the San Antonio medical center area. The arrest came just two days after […]


Three Things You Should NEVER EVER Order In A Restaurant

Generous and outspoken with his culinary insight, Gordon Ramsay is not one to sit on the fence about, well, anything. If he’s not banishing his kids from flying first class with him, he’s crushing the dreams of would-be restaurateurs, telling them via Twitter their dishes resemble something fished out of a toilet bowl. So it’s […]


Unsafe Conditions Force Closure Of Torture Dungeon(?)

Police, Fire and Health officials moved in to raid a swingers club complete with a dungeon and torture chamber. The Sadomasochists club was raided after word of unsanitary conditions reached local authorities and officials say that as a result of their findings, The torture Chamber and adjoining areas have been shutdown over health and safety […]


Racist ‘Most Likely To Blend In With White People’ and

How is racist teacher Stacy Lockett like tomato soup?  They’ve both been canned.  You probably remember Lockett.  She is the teacher who handed out racist awards such as the ‘Most Likely To Blend In With White People’ and ‘Most Likely to Become a Terrorist’  to her students.  Other teachers received lesser punishments after the brouhaha over […]


Transgender Athlete Beats Girls — Would’ve Placed Last Against Boys

A transgender high school athlete beat girls in the Connecticut track state championship Tuesday, but his time would have placed him last in the boys’ race. Andraya Yearwood, a freshman at Cromwell High School, placed first in the girls’ 100-meter and 200-meter dash finals against girls from other schools in the region, according to Turtleboy […]


Here Are The Memes That Cost 10 Students The Chance

Harvard rescinded the offers of at least ten incoming freshmen mid-April for sharing what it termed “offensive” memes and messages, as reported Sunday. The memes pertained to the Holocaust, suicide, racism, pedophilia, and bestiality. Incoming freshmen sent pictures of the memes, as well as accompanying dialogue to The Tab. Students’ admission offers were likely retracted […]


Chicago Students Demand Racially Segregated Orientation

Students at the University of Chicago are demanding racial segregation for incoming students of color during orientation week. They also want some serious construction to place on campus, including building a house for illegals students. The administration is taking the dictate very seriously, The College Fix reports. “We are reviewing and continuing dialogue,” university spokeswoman […]


Beautiful Before And After Photos Of Women That Have Beaten

Eating disorders are one of the most common mental health problems among teens today. They’re also one of the most dangerous. But as the stories in these slides show, there’s always a way to get help. Read these amazing stories of young women who overcame their eating disorders and see what they look like now […]


Creepy Video Shows a Snake Puking Up Another Live Snake

Details of the story were provided by National Geographic, who tend to pull no punches in showing some truly horrifying examples of that whole “Circle of Life” thing. This one is not only a bit gross, but it’s also bizarre as hell. The video below was posted by YouTuber Christopher Reynolds, who says he was […]


School Principal Arrested After Choking A 10yr Old Asking For

An assistant principal is facing felony charges after causing injury to a child after a police report stated that he assaulted a 10-year-old boy at a birthday party last Friday. Local police in Austin said the incident happened at the Playland Skating Rink in the 8800 block of McCann Drive. They responded to a physical […]


NYC Teacher Yanks Off Second-Grade Girl’s Hijab, Gets Charged With

Law enforcement officials in New York City have charged a substitute teacher with a hate crime after he allegedly snatched a hijab off the head of a second-grade girl. The teacher at the center of the case is Oghenetega Edah, reports the New York Daily News. The 8-year-old student is Safa Alzockary. The incident leading to this […]


Taxpayer-Funded University Brings Back Segregation With Black-Only Dorms

The University of Colorado Boulder is creating a special new residence hall that will segregate black people away from the general student population. Officials at the taxpayer-funded school have announced a plan to transform Hallett Hall, a campus residence hall, into three separate “Living Learning Communities” beginning this fall, reports Campus Reform. One of these […]


Student Group Demands Ban On White Students Wearing Sombreros And

A student group at the University of New Hampshire is demanding that officials at the taxpayer-funded school forcibly prevent white students from wearing sombreros and ponchos because white students wore the Mexican-themed garb on Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday The group is also demanding that stores in the surrounding town stop selling “items like ponchos […]


Ivy League School Holds Segregated Graduation Ceremonies For Black, Latino

Black, Latino, gay, Native American and Asian students at fancy-pants Columbia University segregated themselves into separate commencement proceedings this year. The segregated ceremonies, which have occurred in past years, are in addition to the main commencement ceremony attended by all Columbia graduates, reports Campus Reform. The Ivy League school also added a new segregated commencement […]


Michelle Obama Blames Trump Admin For “Your Kids Eating Crap”

Michelle Obama is not happy that the federal government won’t get in the way of schoolchildren “eating crap.” The former first lady criticized the Trump administration on Friday for rolling back regulations that policed the healthiness of federally-subsidized school lunches. Among other things, the new rules relax restrictions on sodium content and allow schools to serve 1 […]


‘Menstrual Equity’: Colleges Keep Stocking Men’s Bathrooms With Tampons

Colleges across the country are putting tampons in men’s bathrooms in an effort to bring about “menstrual equity” in restrooms. The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Brown University and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities are just a few colleges who placed menstruation products in their male and gender neutral bathrooms, reports the Chronicle. The idea is that transgender men, […]

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