• February 22, 2024

Police Arrest Alleged Rapist After 2 Year Spree

 Police Arrest Alleged Rapist After 2 Year Spree

Police in San Antonio, Texas announced today that they have arrested a suspect in a string of sexual assaults going back to June of 2015. The attacker was known to police as the Medical Center  Rapist since his victims were all in the San Antonio medical center area. The arrest came just two days after the subject graduated from John Marshall High School, where he was a varsity basketball player.


Anton Jamail Harris, 18, is now in police custody facing multiple charges of aggravated sexual assault, one charge of aggravated robbery and one charge of attempted sexual assault. Police said Harris was arrested Thursday night as he was leaving a local shopping area known as the North Star Mall. The charges against Harris go back two years when the then 16-year-old is suspected of his first attack on an area woman.

At a news conference, San Antonio Police Department Chief McManus said police were able to link Harris to the sexual assaults through a DNA sample they obtained from the suspect’s drink cup. It is unclear when and how the cup was obtained, or whether police secured a search warrant affidavit for the sample.

It was not disclosed when the police first began investigating the sexual assaults in the Medical Center area, but according to police records, the assaults were first reported in mid-January. Multiple victims told police a man armed with either a gun or a knife had raped them after forcing his way into their apartments. It was also not noted when officers started focusing on Harris as a suspect.

Chief McManus said the suspect, now identified as Harris, targeted women in their 20’s. Harris would allegedly spot a target, follow a victim through their apartment complex and knock on their door after they had entered. After the victim opening the door, Harris would allegedly force his way inside and assault the women.

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