• June 14, 2024

School Janitor Cures Girls of Kissing Bathroom Mirror [HILARIOUS VIDEO]

 School Janitor Cures Girls of Kissing Bathroom Mirror [HILARIOUS VIDEO]

Let’s face it, school janitors have a rough job. It’s hard to get kids to clean up their messes at home and nearly impossible to do at school. One school janitor had a particularly hard time getting all the lipstick off the bathroom mirror. He often had to work late getting it all off.

He approached the principal of the school for help. She announced that girls should no longer get lipstick on the mirror. Telling kids that anything is forbidden is like waving a red cape. So, naturally they put even more lipstick on the mirror. Wait till you see how he solved the problem. It’s pure genius.

After Elogio the janitor discovered lipstick prints on the mirrors in the women’s bathroom day after day, he decided to go to the principal for some help in resolving the issue.

Instead of helping, however, the principal’s public announcement only drew attention to it—and the number of prints doubled. So Elogio devised a plan. He had the principal gather several suspects and bring them into the bathroom…

There, he showed them a little secret that made sure he was the one who got the last laugh!

Elogio then demonstrated for the girls what he had to do to clean off the mirror. As a result, the lipstick ceased being a problem:

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