School Principal Arrested After Choking A 10yr Old Asking For Leftover Food

An assistant principal is facing felony charges after causing injury to a child after a police report stated that he assaulted a 10-year-old boy at a birthday party last Friday.

Local police in Austin said the incident happened at the Playland Skating Rink in the 8800 block of McCann Drive. They responded to a physical disturbance call from a witness.

According to the report, the 10-year-old boy said he asked a Playland employee if he could have some leftovers from the party and the employee said yes.

After which, the suspect who was identified in the court affidavit as Chad Warren Sanders, 40-year-old, told the victim that he could not take anything from the table and ordered him to put the items down.

The 10-year-old then skated off and when he saw that Sanders was searching for him, he hid by the video gaming area. But when Sanders found the boy, he then grabbed him by the neck using both hands causing the 10-year-old to stop breathing for a few seconds.

The victim then told authorities that Sanders asked him for his wallet. But the boy said he didn’t have it and that’s the time when Sanders took the victim’s glasses.

After reviewing the surveillance video provided from Playland Skating Rink, the police confirmed what the victim had told them. The video also shows a witness walking over to the victim to check on him. Authorities took photos of the victim’s injuries which shows the victim had a red area on the left side of his neck around two inches long.

According to the investigation, police were able to connect Sanders to the party because of the surveillance video, it was showing the suspect carrying a cake for the party and the reservation contact was under his wife’s name.

The case is still being investigated.

Source: Daily Mail 


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