Mock Assassination of Trump

John Marshall High School in San Antonio,  Texas held a skit where they portrayed the assassination of President Elect Donald J. Trump.

No actual reprimand was required because  teacher and students apologized.  The teacher allowed the students to enact a play that portrayed the mock assassination of Donald Trump.

ass-1-sizedWhere have the morals and responsibility of our teachers and other school employees gone?  A parent heard of the play and reported it to the school and that is why the teacher and students were even spoken to about it.

The students even used gunshot noise replicated from a cell phone.  One student dressed to look like Trump fell to the ground to show that he’d been shot and died.

Remember when high school children were reprimanded for pretending a cell phone was a gun?  Well,  in this case there was a pretend gun but no one was suspended from school for pretending to murder a president elect.

There comes a time when good people must stop the nonsense that their choice for president did not win. Accept the reality of what is.


I voted for Trump and I’m proud of it.  I will not let the mockery go without notice.

Donald Trump won the election.  It’s time to suck it up and face the fact that Trump will be the president of all Americans on January 20/17.  This is your new president.  Get used to it!


Daveda Gruber

Hello, I ham an author of over 17 books. I say 'over' because I wrote 17 by myself but have also contributed to many more books for charity. I enjoy writing about politics, so, I write articles. I can be found easily on the Internet. There is always more about me on my personal website I produced videos on Youtube and have my own channel under my name. I own and I also do graphic art design. Politics is my real passion, though. I enjoy research and putting my own flare on some subjects.

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