• February 21, 2024

Latest Fashion Trend For Clubbing Is Sticky Situation

 Latest Fashion Trend For Clubbing Is Sticky Situation

If you haven’t seen it yet, you will. The latest trend in fashion for the in the know women on the club scene is here, it’s hot and it is next to nothing. Seriously, it is next to nothing because it is made of Duct Tape and is stuck directly on the woman’s body.

Already, Women have been seen wearing nothing more than tape covering their bits and bobs in some of the hottest clubs overseas and in the states. A sticky situation that leads to one obvious question; Doesn’t it hurt to peel all that tape off? Well, not according to the artist responsible for the new wearing apparel, artist and photographer Joel Alvarez.


Alvarez is the creator of The Black Tape Project, which he calls “tape art and alternative fashion.” Using Pieces of black electrical tape, Alvarez creates his masterpieces directly onto naked models to make it look as if they’re wearing swimwear. Abet skimpy swimwear. Really skimpy swimwear.

In an interview with the New York Post , Alvarez said, “I do believe I’m the first person to tape someone in an artistic fashion.” And the look is rapidly catching on according to the cheeky British Esquire, “Apparently women clubbing only in duct tape is a thing now. You’ll all catch colds. Heed our words.”

But Alvarez does not seem concerned, “The Black Tape Project” has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram. Alvarez’s “The King of Tape” Instagram has more than 51,000 followers. Fans keep track of his work on Facebook, also. In fact Alvarez has already taped up women from Las Vegas and New York to Europe and the Caribbean.

Determined not to become another starving artist, Alvarez charges up to $1,000 for private taping sessions, but the price includes a sexy photo shoot at no additional charge. And there is no shortage of clients. Women, mostly firm-bodied models and dancers, wait in line in clubs for their turn with him.

In addition, he also charges a modest $55,000 for a live performance, but thousands of people also follow his work by watching him on videos he posts on social media. He has told Instagram followers that he cuts the pieces of tape on the spot and that it takes him about two hours to decorate one body. More modest women opt for the torso-only look.

The whole taping-naked-women situation left beauty bloggers for Yahoo in Australia scratching their heads and loaded with thoughtful questions such as:

How much pain will these women be in as the tape is removed?”

How is the tape even removed from down there?”

Let’s hope this bizarre look doesn’t make an appearance in the real world any time soon.”

As for me, I am wondering how he came up with this idea. I have been playing with women and duct tape and electrical tape, though not at the same time, since I was 14. Why didn’t I think of this?


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