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A Woman In A Vegetative State Went Into LABOR And

One of the worst crimes that someone can commit is any crime against someone that cannot defend themselves. It’s one thing to go one on one with someone so to speak where they can have a puncher’s chance of getting out of the situation, it’s another entirely when they had no way of defending themselves. […]


Man Who Raped And Murdered 3yo Girl Is Publicly Executed

A man who raped and murdered a three-year-old girl was executed on Monday in front of hundreds of onlookers, witnesses said. Thousands of people gathered in the rebel-held Yemeni capital Sana’a today to witness – and take photos of – the public execution of Mohammed al-Moghrabi.       Police said they escorted him to […]


Groom Discovers What New Wife Did On Wedding Night, Loses

A bride was set on fire by her groom after she slept with an ex-lover on her wedding night. Veronika Filippova, 27, died with 80 percent burns on her body after she confessed to husband Ivan Kuzmin that she spent their wedding night with someone else. Mother-of-one Veronika Filippova had sought out her former partner […]

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Restaurant FINED For Telling This Man To Use The Men’s

Private businesses have a lot more to deal with than serving food or selling people clothes or whatever it is their particular trade is. They also have to deal with the reasonable security of their customers. If there was supposed to be a security guard at a shopping center and some guy comes in with […]

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Nearly TWO DOZEN BURNED BODIES Found In The Border Area

People that are against a border wall along the United States and Mexico just do not see to understand why exactly we need it. They think its because conservatives have this issue with anyone coming from other countries to the United States. Completely opposite the case. Our issue is with people coming across the border […]

CrimeIn The NewsSociety

Mother Of Man Shot Dead By Man Defending His Five

Anyone that owns a firearm hopes that the only time that they ever find themselves using it is when they are doing target shooting or going hunting. Nobody, despite what liberals would want you to believe, ever wants to have to pull that trigger when it is pointed at another human being. No decent person […]

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