• May 25, 2024

Smuggling Boat Tried To Sneak Into The Country, Ended Up At The WORST LOCATION POSSIBLE!(VIDEO)

 Smuggling Boat Tried To Sneak Into The Country, Ended Up At The WORST LOCATION POSSIBLE!(VIDEO)

They always say that every journey begins with a single step, but what they don’t tell you is that the ones that run smoothly also have a lot of planning involved as well.

Give you an example. When I got out of the military I was going to have to drive from where my duty station was back home. It was going to be about a nine hundred mile drive that the government was going to reimburse me for but there were a couple of conditions that had to be met like number of hours on the road per day and whatnot.

So, a couple of weeks before I was to make this drive, I figured out where the hotel was and booked a room at the halfway point of the trip. I thought about where the stops would be to eat and how many times I would have to get gas.

I bought a road atlas and printed out directions on the computer. I did everything I could to prepare for this trip for one person. I prepared so well actually that I ended up arriving at the halfway point of the trip two hours ahead of schedule so I was able to get extra rest for the next day of the trip.

Now, this was a simply driving trip from one state to another. It wasn’t like I was hauling drugs or anything….

Via Conservative Tribune:

With all of the attention surrounding the southern border of the United States and building a wall, it is important to note that some people from across the world use other means to attempt illegal entry. While some simply overstay their visas, others try to enter illegally at other locations.

A recent example of this has been seen along the California coast. And how they got caught would be comical if the situation wasn’t so serious.

Nine Chinese men, one Chinese woman, and two Mexican men were all arrested by authorities after entering the United States by way of Anaheim Bay, which is the property of the U.S. Navy, reported CBSLA. It was reported by authorities that at least one of the Mexican men is a suspected smuggler.

The foreign nationals were in a small fishing vessel when they were spotted by Navy personnel. For whatever reason, they had chosen one of the worst places they could if they were attempting illegal entry into the United States.

“As soon as they entered Anaheim Bay waters, they were immediately approached by base personnel. Once they approached them, they beached the boat and made a run for it,” Naval Weapons Station spokesman Gregg Smith told The Orange County Register.

But the approach by Naval personnel didn’t stop the foreign nationals. At least some of them did manage to jump a fence and exit Naval property, but they were far from home free.

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