Kamala Vows To ABOLISH This Amendment FIRST THING As President!

When I was young, I grew up in a town that if you knew someone that owned a gun of some kind it wasn’t exactly an accident.

For a good portion of the first period of my life, it was a town that had an Air Force base attached to it so people owning a gun wasn’t exactly surprise. The other thing though was that it was a place where a lot of the people that lived in the area went hunting so the first two days of deer season were days off from school.

When I was younger we were taught how to safely handle guns through shooting sports courses in school using air rifles. You an’t legislate away people’s rights the way that Democrats want to.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) says that if elected president in 2020 she will give Congress 100 days to take action on gun control before she will take matters into her own hands and issue an executive order on gun control.

“Upon being elected I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action,” Harris told a CNN town hall in New Hampshire on Monday.

“And specifically what I will do is put in place a requirement that for anyone who sells more than five guns a year, they are required to do background checks when they sell those guns. I will require that for any gun dealer that breaks the law the ATF take their license.”

FreeBeacon reports: Ben Bernier, a University of New Hampshire student, told Harris that he was nervous about becoming a target of a mass shooting as he studies to become an educator.

“I am really bothered that public schools are being targets for mass shootings. Two days ago was the 20th anniversary of the Columbine massacre, but two decades later no major gun control legislation has been passed,” Bernier said. “As president how will you go about keeping our schools safe and keeping guns out of the hands of those who should not have them?”

“I’m sure there are plenty of students here, while you were in high school, even middle school, that you had to participate in a drill, right, where you were convened and your teachers taught you about how you need to go and run in a closet because there may be a mass shooter roaming the hallways of your school. And in our America that should never have to happen,” Harris said.


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