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This School Has A Great Reply To An Islamist Who Started Having A Fit About Her Child Being Served….

 This School Has A Great Reply To An Islamist Who Started Having A Fit About Her Child Being Served….

Folks, I remember when I was a kid and would go on field trips that there was a Jewish kid that was in our class. Whenever there was a field trip where they found out that there was going to be lunch provided the mom would always call ahead.

The reason being is that the family kept kosher and being the only Jewish kid in our class they probably didn’t pay attention to whether or not they were packing ham sandwiches for everyone on the trip. If it were a trip where that happened the mom did something that most parents today would find completely outrageous.

She packed him a lunch, told the teacher in advance and she would place his brought along lunch in the cooler with the others. When it was time to eat lunch, he got his, we got ours, we all had a good time at the planetarium and someone got an extra ham sandwich. That my friends, was the beginning, middle and END of the issue.

One family is fuming after they discovered what their daughter was served for lunch at her elementary school.

Going against the family’s Muslim beliefs, the child was served pork at lunchtime, after the family specifically informed the school that the family does not eat that type of meat. When the Holaway Elementary School initially received the doctors’ note explaining the child’s beliefs, they were accommodating, until they served the girl a bacon cheeseburger.

According to the girl’s mom, Nancy, the lunch lady wasn’t very empathetic…

“The lunch lady was like, ‘No, too bad. Just pick it off,’” Nancy said. “Picking it off doesn’t work because it’s in the hamburger.”

And while the school made a mistake, it was actually the principal’s reaction that really made Nancy upset.

“The principal had said because she didn’t wear the traditional clothes and because she’s just a white girl that was going there she didn’t fit that normal stereotype of being Muslim — so it wasn’t obvious for them to follow the guidelines for her,” said Nancy, who wasn’t happy with the explanation.

Nancy ended up letting the situation go, but several months after the incident, her daughter came home with a cereal bar that contained gelatin which is a byproduct of pork. When the school asked her why she didn’t send the girl to school with her own approved food, Nancy told them that she wanted her daughter to be able to fit in and not feel left out.

In response to Nancy’s outrage about the pork products, the Amphitheater Unified School District made the following statement:

“Even though the district is not required to accommodate special dietary needs based solely on religious purposes, our district nutritionist and food services staff plan menus that are compliant and meet the various nutritional guidelines, as well as include food options that are the best fit for the food preferences of the school. We encourage families with children with any special dietary needs to make sure they are educating their children about what to look for so they know what is acceptable and what they should avoid. Our menus are always posted online and you can request the ingredient list for any food item you are unsure about. In situations where there are special food requirements or restrictions, we encourage you to meet with our district nutritionist to discuss the best options for your family. The best way to ensure a meal meets any special dietary needs is to send a meal from home that you have prepared. Every child is different and we do our best to ensure a healthy, accommodating environment for all of our students.”

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