• July 16, 2024

VA Gov Was About To Say Something So Awful On LIVE TV That His Wife Had To Step In And Shut Him Up!

 VA Gov Was About To Say Something So Awful On LIVE TV That His Wife Had To Step In And Shut Him Up!

The Virginia governor’s press conference the other day would have been funny if it were not so sad.

Barely a day after he took responsibility for a thirty plus year old picture of himself wearing blackface, the suddenly made an about face and said that the photo wasn’t him and he would never seen it before.

You know, because if your name appeared next to a picture so racist that you wouldn’t pitch a fit when the yearbook came out.

So, how did he explain that the yearbook photo wasn’t him? Well because he had put on blackface a totally different time to compete as Michael Jackson in a dance competition.

Now there are vehement calls for his resignation for several different controversies going on at the same time.

Whether Northam ought to resign shouldn’t be based upon something 35 years old, although that certainly ought to play into consideration. The important thing is whether or not Northam has learned anything in the long interim.

Via Conservative Tribune:

We already know he doesn’t value human beings. That’s what started this entire mess — the fact that he had made comments strongly suggestive of infanticide when talking about abortion during labor during a radio appearance on on Wednesday.

All right, but abortion access at literally any point during pregnancy has become a matter of rigid dogma among the Democrats. What about taking racial obloquy seriously? Northam certainly seemed contrite enough during most of the news conference, although of course he did. Without total contrition, there was no way forward.

You could perhaps glimpse how how Northam really felt about the issue, however, when it came to why he had dressed as Michael Jackson in the first place.

Northam had said he’d donned blackface to appear as the singer because he could do his signature move, the Moonwalk.

All right, then: What would Northam do when asked by a reporter to duplicate his performance?

It doesn’t say much for the reporter that he actually asked this question, but it says a lot less for Northam when you see how he responded.

“My wife says ‘inappropriate circumstances,’” Northam said, touching his wife’s arm with a smile after he was talked out of doing the Moonwalk by the only sane person within a reasonable distance of a hot mic.

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