After His Daughter Died He Discovered A Secret Message Hidden In Her Room.

Thirteen-year-old Athena Orchard passed away in June 2014 after being diagnosed with bone cancer. Prior to this, she had bravely fought the disease for months, undergoing a series of several treatments.

Following her death, Athena’s parents had the devastating task of sorting through her belongings. They had cleaned up most of the belongings in her room until they noticed something that would make them feel closer to Athena than ever.

On the back of her bedroom mirror, Athena had secretly written a 3,000 word message for her family and the world to hear. Needless to say, she didn’t let cancer defeat her spirit.

Athena Orchard was a very brave 13 year old.

She fought a sudden oncoming of cancer about as tough as anyone could. Even though it came out of the blue, she never let it bother her.


While preparing for Christmas she suddenly collapsed.

It happened shortly before Christmas in 2013. She suddenly collapsed and was then diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer.


Nothing seemed to bring her down.

Even though she underwent many months of chemotherapy and surgeries she kept in good spirits. There was nothing that could dampen her mood.


She put up a good fight but it just proved too much for her.

At the young age of just 13 years old, she lost her courageous fight. Her family was stunned at how quickly things unfolded.


While her parents where cleaning her room they found something amazing.

Her parents were going through her stuff and found something that shocked them. Athena had left them a very long message on the back of her full length mirror.


Athena had left a message for them in back of her mirror.

It was a 3,000 word letter to her family. In it, she wrote, “Maybe it’s not about the happy ending. Maybe it’s about the story.”


The message was as long as the mirror.

The message covered the entire back of her full length mirror. She had hidden it well, but knew her family would eventually find it there.


It was carefully written.

In the massage she shared not only her feelings, but her dreams as well. She showed everyone that she was much smarter and caring than anyone imagined.


Her words were very powerful.

Her words were not only meant for the present. They were very strong for the future and for others as well.


She was much wiser than anyone imagined.

Her family knew that she had a bright future. They never imagined, however, how deep her thought process was.


Her final sentence to her family was a lasting one.

The message contained a lot of powerful thoughts and dreams. The very last sentence though was one her family will never forget. She wrote, “There’s no need to cry, because I know you’ll be by my side.”



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