Kidnapper Snatches Baby Boy But Wasn’t Expecting His Tiny Sister To Chase Him Down [WATCH]

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in Sprague, Washington three siblings and a couple of teens experienced the scariest day of their lives. The siblings, 10-year-old Brenden, 8-year-old Delicia, and 22-month-old Owen Wright were playing unsupervised in a park next to their babysitters home when a man with a sinister plan approached them.

Surveillance footage from a nearby grocery story captured the harrowing moments that followed. Out of nowhere, a man snatched up the youngest of the Wright siblings and began to flee toward a nearby neighborhood. It was then that Owen Wright’s big sister decided that she would not let ANYONE hurt her little brother.

Take a look at this video

Had it not been for Delicia, no one can imagine what would have happened to Owen and now everyone’s looking for this kidnapper who still remains at large.


Rafael Smith

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