Young Girl Goes In With Simple Ear Pain, But Doctors Find Something That Makes Their Blood Freeze [VIDEO]

You would not never believe what’s inside this girl’s ear.

All children get sick at some point. They go to school and catch a cold another child in their class has – germs can spread like wildfire! But, it is important not to take those colds too lightly, going to the doctor may help prevent something serious from developing.

In India, 12-year-old Shreya Darji had a painful earache, so her parents took her to the doctor.

Doctors see a lot of patients, and it is often easy to just assume they know the cause of the pain. Before he assumed that this was just an ordinary earache, he decided to take a closer look.

Typical ear infections will manifest just inside the ear canal, it will be red and swollen. Shreya’s ear canal wasn’t red or swollen.

The doctor went a little deeper to see if the cause of her pain was further in. When he wasn’t seeing anything obvious, the doctor started to think the cause of Shreya’s pain was coming from somewhere else.

Then he saw it.

The video below will shock you, and it isn’t suitable for all audiences! Inside Shreya’s ear was an ant colony! The video only shows the removal of two ants, but according to some reports, the doctor removed hundreds of ants! I can’t imagine!

There are so many questions I have about this…the first one being how did they all get in there? I hope Shreya is feeling better and this never happens to her again!



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