Woman Pulls Up To Gas Station Thinking No One Is Watching But Security Cam Catches Everything [VIDEO]

Have you ever gone to fill up your gas tank and realized that you pulled in the wrong direction? Most of the time it’s a quick fix but the video below shows a woman who just doesn’t quite get it and the resulting footage quickly went viral.

At first, the woman pulls up alongside the left-hand gas pumps. But when she gets out to start filling her tank, she realizes that the tank is on the other side. She tries moving over to the other side of the gas station by reversing – but she had no idea that, once again, this is the wrong side of the gas tank!

If you’ve found yourself in this same situation, try this little secret. If you look down at your gas gauge, you’ll see a small arrow either pointing to the left or right. The direction the arrow points is the side where your gas tank sits! This will save you from going back and forth at the gas station, like this woman!


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