With The Click Of A Button, Twitter Users Uncover Kathy Griffin’s DARKEST One-Liner

Kathy Griffin’s nauseating and controversial photo of her holding the decapitated head of President Donald Trump has stirred quite a reaction.

Griffin sought to minimize the overwhelming reaction by hosting a press conference where she claimed she was really the victim, she would never intentionally hurt a child (which turns out to be a lie), and she would specifically not target Barron Trump (which turned out to be another lie).

Her history being a “comedian” shows children are definitely not off limits for her to mock, per Twitchy:

Kathy Griffin has been disgusting for years, but she’s been just unpopular enough to sorta float under the radar where only her equally disgusting fan base paid attention to her. Griffin’s old tweets are proving she’s been cruel to children for years, especially to those whose parents she disagrees with politically.

Take a look at what Griffin said in 2009 about Sarah Palin’s son:

Twitter erupted:


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