WiFi Names That Will Make You Burst Out Laughing [PHOTOS]

 WiFi Names That Will Make You Burst Out Laughing [PHOTOS]

In today’s age, WiFi is a necessity. Who doesn’t like fast internet? And it’s all the more awesome if it’s free. With the advent of WiFi, connecting to the web has become so convenient – all you need to do is search for an available WiFi name and you have the world at your fingertips.

Naming your WiFi network is important. Too common and guests won’t be able to figure out which network is yours; too specific and you might get some strange questions. The best WiFi names are those you can remember easily but don’t give away personal information or hint at passwords. Humor is usually a good idea in moderation — so, how do you pick a silly and secure WiFi name?

Now it so happens, that some people’s creativity knows no bounds. And that holds true when it comes to naming their WiFi devices as well. Just like these geniuses right here. Check ’em out.

My favorite that I’ve used for years?  UNDRCOVRFBIVAN#2

#1 Make sure you put a condom on your phone before you connect to this

#2 Need some Censorship

#3 I see what you did there

#4 Depends on how desperate you are

#5 Whose side are you on?

#6 Kill Bill!

#7 Someone doesn’t believe in dropping subtle hints

#8 Best of luck sleeping now

#9 I know that feeling bro!

#10 That escalated quickly

#11 When there was nothing, there was…

#12 Not a sin anymore to browse the internet

#13 Awww!

#14 I’m now officially in a relationship with the internet. Life’s good

Time to change that boring WiFi name of yours.

#15 An Offspring fan

#16 A little battle going on

#17 Always help mom

#18 Guess who wins this one?

#19 All this drama over flamingos

#20 Someone doesn’t like Indian food

#21 Everyone has a strange uncle

#22 Another revelation

#23 Never mess with a systems person

H/T Wizelo

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