Wife Hides Under Bed To See If Husband Is Faithful, But Hears Something Unexpected

 Wife Hides Under Bed To See If Husband Is Faithful, But Hears Something Unexpected


A wife decided to test her husband’s loyalty by tricking him while hiding under their bed, only to get the shock of her life when the setup was finally over.

After many years of faithful marriage, the wife decided one day to test her husband’s loyalty by pulling an elaborate prank on him. The test began with the wife writing a letter to her husband saying that she wanted to leave him. She planned it for weeks, thinking over every detail of the letter so that every word counted.

In the letter, the woman told her husband that she felt the love between them had died and that their relationship was at the end of the line. She reflected on every detail of their marriage – the good and the bad. After the letter was done, Boredom Therapy reported, the wife put it on their bed and hid underneath. She thought that she’d be able to get a sense of how her husband really felt about her by hiding under the bed and witnessing the letter being read.

The wife waited for a long time before her husband finally came home and found the letter. He began reading it out loud, then made a phone call and laughed to a friend about how glad he was that his marriage was over. The wife was devastated to hear just how her husband truly felt about her.Devastated, the wife waited until her husband left the house and then came out from under the bed. When she emerged, she saw a letter on the bed that wasn’t hers. Thinking it was a goodbye letter, she began to read it slowly and hesitantly.

“Dear wife,” the letter read. The wife took several minutes to read past the first two words, terrified of what was to come. The next time you’re going to try to trick me into proving my love, make sure your feet aren’t sticking out from under the bed.”
The lesson in the story is a simple one – if you love someone and trust that they love you, don’t test it. You might end up being the butt of a joke. The story quickly went viral, with many readers expressing mixed reactions at the wife’s actions. “Ridiculous is what this is,” one Shared reader commented on the site’s Facebook. “Not funny weird and cruel,” another wrote. “Extremely immature stunt,” another added.


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