Whoopi Goldberg Throws A Hissy Fit: Trump “You Can’t Erase Obama”

Things got heated on “The View” Tuesday when the co-hosts were arguing over whether President Donald Trump’s travel ban is really a Muslim ban.

During the discussion, Whoopi Goldberg insisted that Trump’s executive order to limit immigration from six Muslim-majority countries is only about erasing whatever legacy was left by Barack Obama.

“He is banning a religion,” Goldberg explained, after Jedediah Bila tried to get her to understand that  “[Trump’s] not banning a religion.”

“Yes, listen, I’m sorry it is,” she added. “You’re a Muslim that’s also your religion.”

Bila then tried to calm things down and explained that regardless of your thoughts about Trump, a president has right to determine immigration policy.

“No, that’s not what he’s doing,” Goldberg jumped in. “That has been in place when Obama first said ‘Hey, we got to take a look at these countries because there is a leak here…it’s too porous.’ He’s already done that.”

“Look there is nothing you can do new guy [Trump] about the fact that you are never going to be the first black president,” she added. “You’re never going to take that away. Okay, so, you can’t erase Obama.”

E. Goldstein

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