• June 17, 2024

The Self Defense Move Everyone Should Know, Especially Women [VIDEO]

 The Self Defense Move Everyone Should Know, Especially Women [VIDEO]

Have you ever been faced with someone who tried to hurt you? It’s a frightening situation that no one likes to imagine but knowing how to protect yourself from it can be vital for your survival.

When a man assaults a woman, she is at a disadvantage. On average, men are larger than women. That means fighting back requires more from her. If he gets an advantage, like his hands around her throat, then freeing herself becomes more challenging. Knowing how to handle such a situation can make or break your chances of surviving.

Self-defense is an important concern for many people especially women. In this video, a professional teaches you how to protect yourself against someone trying to strangle you in a choke hold while pressing you against a wall. Remember this tip and store it in the back of your mind. You never know when it might come in useful. Hopefully never, but you don’t know.
Also, pass this along to your friends and family to help keep them safe too…

As you see in the video, learning this simple skill might be vital to keeping you alive. And if you are faced with an attacker who is bigger and stronger than you, getting their hands off of your throat can be a struggle. If you’ve never been bullied or had this happen, take our word for it. I’ve done twelve years of martial arts and understand how difficult it is to get out of a choke hold if you don’t know the proper techniques.In an effort to provide a technique that is easy to learn and effective, this self-defense instructor shows you how to break the attacker’s grip and keep yourself free from harm.

The girl in the video is much smaller than the self-defense instructor. That means this trick could work for teenager girls who are getting assaulted by older men. If your teach your daughter and granddaughter this trick, you could help them protect themselves from a predator.

If you’re like me, you might think it would be nearly impossible for her to break his grip and move to safety. Just watch…

But at the 0:45 mark in the video, you’ll see how she uses a simple technique to break the choke hold. And the advice he gives at 1:14, may make you cringe, but it is sure to be effective at getting a violent attacker off of you.

The technique involves putting your hands together in a prayer and coming up between the assailant’s arms to gain leverage.

After prying his grip, you use your thumbs to stab them into the assailant’s eyes, potentially blinding him. While this might sound brutal, it works.

Viewers are astounded at how well this technique works.

“Wow! Thanks a LOT! I was once actually in that situation and had to pray he’d let go (which he did). But I sure wished I would have known what to do instead of hope and pray…thanks very much for this short, sweet, to the point video!”

“You need a follow up move. After the poke to the eyes, follow with a kick to the nuts or else he will back up and charge in again with a fist to your face.”


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