[WATCH] Hilarious Young Woman Teaches Women How To Change A Tire

This is a great video and she even teaches it in Womaniese, for easier understanding.

Brittany Hornick and Rachael Acosta decided to make this step-by-step guide to changing a tire after they got themselves into a bit of trouble while driving. As Rachel explains, “When I was driving from Dallas my tire exploded around 2 a.m. an hour outside of Houston. Luckily, two strange men helped me. If those men weren’t there I don’t know what would’ve happened! So with the help of my friend Brittany we learned how to change it ourselves, and thought other women should know too!”

Brittany guides viewers through the steps with a lot of double-entendres and sarcastic wit thrown in for good measure. Putting aside, Brittany’s humorous presentation, she’s also providing some very useful information that every driver should know.

Share this helpful “how-to” with the young women you know and empower them to know what to do if they get stuck in a situation like Brittany and Rachel did!
Read more at http://www.reshareworthy.com/changing-a-tire/#58Ts6z66gecMySzu.99

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