Want to Make $55 an Hour? Easy This Company Pays You To Clean in The Buff

A company in the United Kingdom, are looking for men and women who are willing to clean homes and business in the nude.

Naturist Cleaners, which is based in London, announced that they are willing to pay $55 an hour for men and women who are willing to clean for others totally in the nude.

The company did admit that they are looking mostly for women as most of their customers are men. A spokesperson for Naturist Cleaners

The company also offers fully clothed cleaners for just $30 an hour.

“If the client also wants to strip off and join in with the nudity, that’s perfectly OK!” the company wrote on its website.

“One of the best things about having a nude cleaner is the fact that it makes one of the most boring chores immediately become one of the most fun.

“No one likes cleaning, it’s hard work and it’s boring. Paying for a cleaner is a lifesaver for most people, but even then, it’s not exactly a fun experience.

“By cleaning in the nude, the boring chore that you have been putting off for a long time becomes of the highlights of your year.

“Having a nude cleaner is so much fun, that there are actually people who have given up cleaning their houses themselves and just call a naturist cleaner to come every week.

“It becomes a hobby as much as anything else. Something to enjoy and to look forward to each week, rather than something to put off and something that is extremely boring.

“The great things about the maids are that they are beautiful, fun, and intelligent girls who are great to be around. Not only can you look at their amazing bodies as they clean and entertain you at the same time, but they have glowing personalities and can provide you more laughs and entertainment with their conversation and their hilarious antics,” the company wrote.

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