UFC Fighter Craps Her Pants During Fight, Her Followup Response Is Epic [VIDEO]

“Such a clean, technical performance,” Fox Sports 1 commentator Jon Anik observed after the Felice Herrig vs. Justine Kish UFC ladies strawweight bout on Sunday in Oklahoma City.

That may have been true for Herrig. But for Kish…not so much.

Towards the end of the third and final round of the contest, Herrig got Kish in a tough hold and appeared to be close to getting Kish to tap out. Kish fought it, however, and managed to avoid the submission loss.

But amidst all the grappling, Kish couldn’t control her bowels and defecated right in the middle of the action. Fortunately, neither she nor Herrig had to keep the match going for long after it happened. The bout wrapped up after just a few more seconds.

After all that, Kish, who was previously undefeated in the UFC, lost via unanimous decision. But she took the incident in good humor, joking about it afterwards on Twitter.

Can’t say it any better than that.


Source: Mediaite

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