UCLA Cheerleader Takes A NASTY Fall — Then The UNTHINKABLE Happens [VIDEO]

A UCLA cheerleader took a hard fall during the Bruins basketball game against Oregon Thursday night. As if her first fall for eight feet up wasn’t bad enough, the guy who carried her off the court dropped her again.

The first fall, during a routine at mid-court, brought a handful of other cheerleaders to the floor. Then, as a man from the UCLA staff carried the injured cheerleader off the court, he slipped and fell causing her to hit the floor hard once again.

I don’t know much about cheerleading, but two drops during one game seems like a rough night. She should find some guys that will take better care of her on the court.

According to the ESPN broadcast, which caught both drops on video, the girl eventually decided she should just walk off the court on the own. Good call.

Former UCLA star and ESPN commentator Bill Walton voiced his concern for the girl. “Say a prayer, light a candle for that young angel of UCLA.”


E. Goldstein

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