Two Puppies Fall Into A Pit With A King Cobra – How The Cobra Responds Shocks Everyone

Cobra is highly venomous snake native to Africa and Asia that spreads the skin of its neck into a hood when disturbed. Cobras are not exactly known for their friendly demeanor. In the eyes of the modern world, the cobra, as well as snakes in general, are known for their sneaky predatory behavior, so when two puppies found themselves inside the bottom of a snake pit, they, along with the man that found all three animals, were undeniably afraid of what might happen.

The two puppies were at the bottom of a snake pit in the Indian state of Punjab, and according to the man that found the two dogs, the whole was incredibly deep- impossible for the dogs to climb out of themselves. While initially afraid of the scene that he saw before him, the man soon realized that the king cobra next to them didn’t seem to have any interest in injuring them. In fact, he saw that the snake seemed to almost be protecting the two puppies!

The two puppies ended up spending 2 days in the pit. When they were able to get help, the cobra also stayed out of the way so that they could get lifted without any problems. The two puppies and snake were safe and sound, and the puppies were returned to their owner.

In the end, the puppies spent a total of 48 hours in the pit. When help finally arrived from the authorities, the cobra crawled to the other side of the well out of the way. The puppies were not injured in any way, and the snake was taken to the woods and released.

While animals, especially ones deemed dangerous, seem to kill without rhyme or reason at times, it’s moments like this that truly make us wonder how much an animal understands about compassion and morality.


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