TRAGIC: One of the Most Iconic Movie Stars Of All Time Has Just Passed

One of Hollywood’s most iconic actors has passed away after a short battle with cancer, according to reports.

Sir Roger Moore was 89 years old when he died yesterday. He was in Switzerland at the time of his death.

Moore was best known for his role as playing the legendary British spy, James Bond, for seven different films. Moore was a British actor himself who campaigned heavily for UNICEF, an act which ultimately earned him his knighthood.

He was 46 years old when he won the role of playing Mr. Bond in the spy thrillers. Moore, among all other Bond actors, played the character for the longest period of time. His last film appearance was a supporting role in “The Carer” (2016), about an aging and ailing British actor, according to the New York Times.

Moore was always known for being a humble man with a sense of humor.

“In theatrical terms, I’ve never had a part that demands much of me,” he added. “The only way I’ve had to extend myself has been to carry on charming,” he said once.

He will be missed by many. Please join us in praying for God’s comfort for his family during this difficult time.

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