TJ Miller Explodes On Twitter Leaving Many Wondering If This Guy Has A Couple Of Screws Loose [VIDEO]

T.J. Miller didn’t appear to handle his departure from the hit HBO show “Silicon Valley” early Monday morning very well.

The fourth season finale was Sunday night, and it was the last episode Miller would appear in after his departure from the show was announced in early June.

There has been plenty of criticism of Miller’s decision, if it truly was his own decision, to leave such a successful television show, and the man behind the legendary “Silicon Valley” character Erlich Bachman appeared to snap on Twitter.

Andy Kleinman tweeted, “I really think @nottjmiller is really going to regret leaving Silicon Valley…”

Miller responded, “Pretty sure you regret that profile picture you fucking piece of shit.”

Not a great look for Miller to be cursing out random people on Twitter when they express a viewpoint several HBO fans have felt.

It only appears to further reinforce the idea that Miller’s exit was not the mutual decision it’s portrayed to be. His painfully awkward interview with Larry King is only more proof something is not right with Miller.

Either way, he played one of the greatest characters on television for four seasons. Hopefully, his film career is equally as successful.

Source: Daily Caller

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