This ‘Girlfriend Caught Cheating Prank’ Went Wrong [VIDEO]

What did she expect? He thought she was cheating. I thought he was going to hit her, and I wouldn’t blame him. In our house, were we sleep, where my kids live, with another dude. Oh yeah its time to fight, ain’t no time for questions ????? she got u bro, I’m just waiting on the revenge prank.

The girlfriend has a lot of balls acting like she’s upset that he ripped her off what he thought was another man. He had to drive all the way home thinking about his woman banging some loser. The whole relationship going through his head, wondering what’s going to happen to them now?

She’s a lucky woman. A lesser man would have tapped her out.

One female Facebook visitor chimed in:
Honestly you’re lucky he didn’t pick you up by the back of your hair while repeatedly punching you in the face, and then whipping your fake boyfriends butt but hey shit happens I guess right when pranks go horribly wrong.


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