Thief Steals Packages, Man Sets Hidden Camera And EXPLOSIVE ‘Bait Box’ [WATCH]

He was tired of his packages being stolen, so he got revenge on the thief with a SMELLY, DISGUSTING BANG!

In truth, the entire neighborhood was upset about packages being stolen, but after serious effort, they could not identify the thief.

Fed up, this man set up a hidden camera and conceived a brilliant plan.

Revenge, is so sweet, especially when it is unsuspected, explosive, and GROSS!

Perhaps the best part of this footage is the split-screen. We are able to watch and listen to the homeowners as they monitor their home-security cameras at precisely the right moment. When the thief, who is a passenger in a delivery and getaway car, casually strolls up the front walk, one of the homeowners recognizes him as a local that he sees around town.

The bald thief strolls to the front porch and nonchalantly grabs a package, then slowly meanders back to the car. The car slowly pulls away, causing the homeowners to fear that they would miss the exploding action.

They almost missed the fun, as they had assumed that the package thief would be traveling on foot. Unbeknownst to the thief, the “Bait Box” was set with an explosive timer, and forty seconds after being moved, it would explode feces directly out of the top. When the thieves pulled away in the car, the vengeful homeowners decided just to find satisfaction in knowing that they had one-upped the perpetrators, even if they did not get to enjoy it on video. Looking back, they wished that they had set the timer a little short.

Their fears were cast aside though, as the car was almost out of the camera’s field of vision. Suddently, the thief leapt out, and appeared to be sick, perhaps even vomiting!

The revenge prank had worked, and the box of feces had exploded on the man, inside of a car! In fact, the end result was even better than expected!

Watch the hilarity for yourself! Bet this guy will think twice before stealing packages again.

E. Goldstein

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