These Two Google Home Units Have Been Arguing For Days And Days [WATCH]

Companies like Amazon, Apple and Google would love to put one of their AI assistant units in every home, preferably with the owner’s credit card info on file and one word payment enabled.

But they still have a lot of bugs to work out before those little voices in the speaker are of any actual use to people as a whole, and until then AI assistants will be seen largely as a source of entertainment.

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Recently two Google Home units named Vladamir and Estragon have been arguing for all the world to see via their Twitch stream @seebotschat, and the argument has gone on for days.

If you’re wondering what an argument between two AI assistants sounds like it’s pretty much as vapid, ridiculous and nonsensical as you’d imagine

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With some strange twists and unexpectedly dark turns

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And the occasional flights of bot fancy.

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Their conversation sounds like an argument between two drunken barflys, only less coherent!

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