• May 18, 2024

Youth Hunter Forced To Remove Hunting Inspired Sweatshirt During School

 Youth Hunter Forced To Remove Hunting Inspired Sweatshirt During School

Some kids play football, some debate and some tap dance. We try to empower and encourage them all.

Except for those who hunt. They need to be humiliated and shamed, according to an Ohio elementary school.

Nine-year-old Domonique Yatsko of Hinckley Township, Ohio, was proud of harvesting her first buck. She tagged the deer and checked all the boxes to make it a legal kill, according to Outdoor Magazine

In the Midwest, where so many people hunt and fish, this is considered a rite of passage. Her proud family put a photo of the 8-pointer (cleaned up, no blood to offend anyone) on a sweatshirt. Domonique proudly wore it to school the next day.

The sweatshirt made a few students uncomfortable, and Domonique was required to remove it after being told by her teacher, “Killing animals is not what we do,” according to The Medina Gazette.

Ahem. I’m a Midwesterner. We schedule school holidays and city council meetings around deer hunting season. We also produce most of the pork and nearly half the beef in the United States. To put it bluntly, killing animals is most definitely what we do.

To belittle and humiliate a child for following an absolutely accepted community standard is cruel. To kowtow to a few overly sensitive kids, who almost certainly have been exposed to the hunting culture their entire lives, is unacceptable.

Seriously, folks, we have got to get over ourselves and backpedal this culture of constant offense.

How would this have played out if a child wore a religious head-covering to school and was told to remove it?

Coming home in tears, Domonique threw the sweatshirt in the trash. Her mother contacted both the teacher and the superintendent of schools, who denied wrongdoing but apologized for any misunderstanding.

In other words, they didn’t apologize at all, as in, “I smacked you upside the head, but I’m sorry if it felt like I was hitting you.”

Domonique’s mother, Heidi, said, “The principal’s quote to me was ‘We don’t have dead animals in school.’ So, I asked her what do they serve in the cafeteria?”

You go, Mom. We have to attack this ridiculous hypocrisy every time and everywhere we find it.

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