• June 12, 2024

The Truth About Who’s Meddling In Elections

 The Truth About Who’s Meddling In Elections

For months, we have heard how the Russians meddled in our Presidential Election, as Loony Liberals seek to find a reason for the Defeat of their Anti-Christ, Hillary Clinton. It has not occurred to them that she lost because the American People recognized her for what she was, a hateful, vindictive, tyrannical leftest hag that only cares about what she wants and the quickest way to get it.


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The real problem is, while the Left spreads this “information” about how the Russians messed with our elections, nothing is said about the reverse, at least until now. In an interview with Oliver Stone, Vladimir Putin spelled out how the liberals under Barack Obama tried to influence Russia’s Presidential Elections. Putin told Stone, “The U.S. has repeatedly meddled in Russian politics, “especially aggressively” in the 2012 presidential elections,” while he dismissed allegations that Moscow hacked the US elections as lies from Trump’s opponents.

The interview was part of Oliver Stone’s documentary series, “Putin Interviews”, which was aired on Showtime. The Russian leader told the director how Washington has attempted to interfere in the Russian electoral process through US diplomatic staff and by pouring money into NGOs. “[They did it] in 2000, and in 2012, this always happened. But especially aggressively in 2012. I will not go into details,” Putin said.

Putin also told Stone that all of the post-Soviet republics have also been subject to US meddling. Putin even pointed out that US diplomatic workers had actually campaigned for the Russian opposition. “They gathered opposition forces and financed them, went to opposition rallies, the Russia leader noted, adding that he had broached this issue with members of the past administration, including Barack Obama and John Kerry.

Putin said the US uses NGOs, which “are frequently financed through a number of layers and structures either from the State Department or some other quasi-governmental sources, to finance interference strategy all over the world.”

Dismissing the allegations that Russia meddled in the November presidential elections as a “lie.” Putin said that US-Russia relations are being held hostage to domestic squabbles and political in-fighting in the United States. Putin said he had read the US intelligence report alleging Russia’s involvement and found it superficial, as it lacks details and is based on speculation rather than hard facts.

Putin told Stone he believes the accusations against Russia were needed to “derail the legitimacy of President Trump” and make the chances of mending ties with Moscow look dim. According to the Russian President, what the hacks really unmasked, if anything, was “the true issues of the US political reality.”

Mr. Putin give other examples of U.S. Meddling in the politics of other nations, but it is common knowledge that the State Department Under Obama and Hillary Clinton sent money and political advisers to the opposition in Israel trying to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu, more money was given to “Conservative Muslim Groups” in Egypt to undermine the Morisi Government in the elections there. And since there were no elections in Libya, Syria and Lebanon, they simply sent money and guns to opposition forces in attempts to overthrow those governments.

If anyone is guilty of meddling in other countries politics, it would appear it is the Liberal Left in the United States and not President Trump and the Russians.

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