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Sharon Stone Imitators Try the Leg Crossing Scene [VIDEO]

 Sharon Stone Imitators Try the Leg Crossing Scene [VIDEO]

Toc Show was a Chilean television talk show, animated by Juan Carlos Valdivia . It was premiered through UCV Television on March 4, 2013. 1 The program originally had the participation of Constanza Michelson, Mariana Derderián , Soledad Bacarreza and Gonzalo Egas, 1 but as this was progressing all of the panelists Was changing. It had the stable participation of Pedro Bastidas, Pauli Bolatti, Francisca Undurraga and Verónica Vieyra. The program is replaced from February 29, 2016 by Nessun Dorma: No One Sleeps . 


After the abrupt departure of Juan Carlos Valdivia and his wife Claudia Conserva of the La Red channel in September 2011, 3 the marriage embarked on a search for projects in which both could participate. At the beginning of 2012 began the conversations between UCV Television and the television couple to be integrated into the channel, but ultimately only Valdivia opted for this, as Conserva signed for TVN . 

4 The integration was confirmed by the executive director of UCV Television, Enrique Aimone, in November 2012. 4 According to Juan Carlos Valdivia informed the newspaper La Tercera , this new project would be ” A program of conversation about the present, with great doses of humor.

Toc Show had several women come in and imitate Sharon Stone’s leg crossing scene from Basic Instinct.  First up is the original, which will be followed by several imitators.




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