SURPRISE! New York Senator Attacks Second Amendment, Knows NOTHING About Guns


Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand went out of her way Tuesday to prove she knows next to nothing about guns or silencers.

Gillibrand is currently trying to stop suppressors from being removed from the National Firearms Act (NFA), and fired off several tweets against the common sense move to protect the hearing of people who enjoy shooting.

The tweets were soaked with the ignorance of somebody who has spent more time watching spy movies than actually firing weapons.

Suppressed weapons aren’t like how they’re portrayed in movies. In fact, firing a suppressed weapon without hearing protection is still not a wise move.



Having a suppressed weapon is a great idea because it does lower hearing risk, and it might allow easier shooting for those who live in rural areas with neighbors perhaps only a few hundred yards away.

However, it’s naive to pretend slapping a suppresser on a weapon automatically makes you a bad guy with a gun that nobody can now hear.

Here are a few videos to prove how loud a suppressed weapon can be. Senator Gillibrand might be surprised to learn it’s not exactly how James Bond makes it look.




E. Goldstein

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