Watch What These Squirrels Did With A Texas Veteran’s Flags [VIDEO]

They do things big in Texas which is a saying that seems to also apply to their squirrels. So, an Air Force veteran decided to show his patriotism by displaying a series of flags in his San Antonio yard, according to UPI, the squirrels which shared his property had a different idea on what should be done with the American flags.

The veteran who had recently moved to his new neighborhood was bursting with pride when he placed is flag display out in his yard, according to his daughter Jennifer Northam, yet the former military man’s pride turned to utter disappointment when he discovered that several of his flags had been stolen from his front yard display.

Who would do such a dastardly unpatriotic thing like stealing American flags from a veteran’s front yard display? It took a next-door neighbor’s investigative prowess and her camera video to unveil the culprits of the flag theft.

As it turned out, the video revealed that the thieves were a family of squirrels that had hatched and executed the flag theft. Northam, was amazed. She and her dad felt that, “It wasn’t like they had just fallen off,” she claimed to KABB-TV. She added, “Both of us were kind of heartbroken. We were just confused because we’re new to the neighborhood. We didn’t know if somebody did it or what happened.”

The neighbor, Devin Rivera-Duque showed Jennifer and her dad her video, which brought a sigh of relief as well as amusement to the two. On the video which she posted to YouTube, the two furry culprits are shown taking one of the flags off of the wooden stick and scurrying away with it.

After the first flag was taken she decided to take out her phone camera. Good thing that she did, because the two patriotic thieves came back. “I saw her with the first flag,” Rivera-Duque said. “I was just freaked out. The second and third flag, I just started recording her,” reported UPI.

As it turned out the squirrels took the American flag because they were building a nest up in one of the trees. Rivera-Duque indicated that the well-intentioned squirrels used the 10 stolen flags to build a nest in a nearby tree. It definitely has to be the only red, white and blue American flag nest in San Antonio if not in all of Texas.

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