Parrot And Cat Have An Epic Standoff, Check Out Which Creature Gets The Last Laugh [VIDEO]

A video of a Japanese parrot named, Karin, getting punched in the beak by its kitten friend is making going viral on the internet and for good reason.

Karin makes an aggressive play at the beginning of the standoff between bird and cat, trapping its feline friend inside a basket.

After awhile, Karin decides to let the kitten out and opens the basket lid. Attempting to coax the kitten out, Karin begins to nibble on the basket’s edge, but it elicited a different response than the bird might have first expected.

The kitten gives two quick right-hand jabs to Karin’s beak and the parrot jumps backward. Karin has the last laugh, once again closing the lid on the kitten.

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