Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and there’s another thing that’s true…

We are nearing the time when we are close to being done for good with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

How can we be so certain of this you ask? Well, for starters, tickets to see their public speaking tour are getting to the point that Chicago White Sox tickets were getting in Chicago in the 1990s.

There was a point in that decade where attendance to the White Sox was so low that in Chicago they would give you two tickets to a random home game if you ordered a combo meal; whether you wanted to see baseball or not. They’re getting near the point with the Clintons that they should just put a stack of them next to the register at a 7-11.

Not enough proof? Well, there’s this, too: New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd is finally sick of them.

The former first couple opened a 13-city speaking tour late last month with a premiere event in Toronto (why they think anyone in Canada wants to hear them whine about Hillary’s crushing defeat in the 2016 presidential election is anybody’s guess). They pulled just 3,000 people to an arena that seats 19,000.

From Daily Wire:

Then they took their road show, “An Evening With the Clintons,” to Montreal, but they fared little better (and not for lack of trying: In a case of classic Clinton pandering, each said that Canada was superior to America).

And things kept getting worse. Ticket prices for their event in Texas plunged to just $6. Seems no one is interested in hearing them tell “stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers in public service, while also discussing issues of the day and looking toward the future,” which a press release promised.

Why are Bill and Hillary traveling the country charging people top dollar to hear them bloviate? It’s not the money: The couple made $250 million in the 15 years after Bubba left office (and Hillary made bank selling access — and favors — while she was secretary of state).

No, they just want … to be loved. Like poor Charles Foster Kane, they just need to be loved. “That’s why he went into politics. It seems we weren’t enough. He wanted all the voters to love him, too,” Jedediah Leland says in the classic Orson Welles movie.


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