• February 23, 2024

Misbehaving Boy In Grocery Store Gets Taught A Lesson [VIDEO]

 Misbehaving Boy In Grocery Store Gets Taught A Lesson [VIDEO]

At a few supermarkets you see children pushing around kid-sized shopping carts so they can feel like they’re helping their parents shop. This can be fun and convenient for the parents, or sometimes the kids involved haven’t learned their lessons about personal space and use their cart in abusive or even dangerous ways.

As this video makes clear, one young man decides to bash his shopping cart against a random man in the check-out line. The boy intentionally smashed the cart into the man’s leg several times

Even worse, the boy’s mother didn’t seem to care what the child was doing. “Little Logan is exploring,” she says nonchalantly in the video.

Note that after being in the leg by the kid’s shopping cart, the man does the right thing and talks to the boy’s mother telling her that the boy is bothering him. He would rather not be hit by a shopping cart even if the boy was “exploring”.

In the mom’s defense, she does appear to say something to her bratty child, but the boy doesn’t listen, and uses his cart as a battering ram against the man’s leg again.

The man finally had enough at that point, and decided to act. Clearly, the boy isn’t going to respect anyone and wasn’t even listening to his own mother.

So the man reaches into the boy’s shopping cart and takes out a two-quart milk carton.

The boy starts to smile as the man opens up the carton of milk. The misbehaving boy’s grin disappears quickly, however, when the man dumps the carton of milk all over his head.

The shocked boy starts to cry seconds later. The mom gives the man a dirty look, then picks up her soon to try and soothe him. The woman proceeds to tell the man how dare he and how rude he is, then leaves the store in a huff.


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